Top 6 Educational Apps for Students in 2023

What was unthinkable in 2019 has become possible in 2020. And the education industry is not an exception either. Initially, there was a huge taboo against studying online. However, things have changed, and people are more inclined to learn online. Initially, websites and other means made their way into providing education. Gradually, things have improved, and we can see that many educational apps are now available. Some of the apps offer free classes as well. So, we can see that the apps have made the entire education process much easier than before. But what are the best educational apps that are trending in 2023? We will talk about them shortly.

6 Educational Apps That Are Trending In 2023

Education is not something you can learn anywhere. Well, is it so? With educational apps, anyone can learn from anywhere. All they need is a digital device, preferably a cell phone, and a stable network connection. So, before you start searching for the best educational apps for you, let us brief you about the top 6 trending educational apps in 2023.

  1. Duolingo

If you want to improve your language skills, Duolingo is the best app. The free app is available on both iOS and Android and supports about 40 languages. Among them, you will get English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, etc. The fun and engaging app uses gamification techniques to keep the users motivated to practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises. The chatbot’s speaking experience is quite interesting, which guides the students to do better.

  1. TED

If you are struggling with speaking properly, this app will be your best solution. TED provides TED talks in over 100 languages. Any user can search by using specific keywords. Each talk time ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, which is easy to understand by all. The TED-ed is the external version that offers educational videos and lessons for learners on various subjects, including science, history, literature, the arts, etc. TED is indeed an exciting app that takes on increasing communication skills along with gaining knowledge.

  1. BBC Bitesize

With a range of topics on Math, English, History, Science, Literature, and Geography, the app provides education and knowledge to students from primary to higher education. The app has educational videos, revision guides, games, and interactive quizzes, which make the entire app very interesting. The entire content on the app is curated with UK students in mind, so if you are studying in the UK or planning to move there, this app will help in various ways. The students can track their progress, set goals, and evaluate to understand each individual student’s understanding.

  1. StudySes

StudySes is a newly launched educational app that offers free education for all. The app started by providing quality IELTS classes to help students achieve the highest band. But now the app is launching new courses every day. Whether it is the skill enhancement course, spoken English course, or anything else, all of the course contents are entirely free. The easy-to-assess course structure makes things simple, and anyone can enroll to learn.

  1. Quizlet

Available on both iOS and Android, the app provides an online platform with study tools and resources for students of all age groups. The digital flashcard sets include texts, images, and audio, which makes the content easy to remember. It has a “learn” mode to help the students understand the content. Then comes the “test” mode to assess the knowledge of the students. Followed by that comes the “match” mode, where the students have to match the terms to their definitions. Students can join the groups as well to share their knowledge and resources.

  1. Tynker

If coding interests you, then Tynker will be the best educational app for you. The app makes coding fun so that children from 5 to 15 can learn it. The coding activities gradually increase as the levels increase. With that, the children can make animations, interactive stories, and games by using Tynker’s programming blocks. The step-by-step coding lessons and variety of characters and backgrounds can help the children build projects. The app is well-liked by both students and teachers because it provides a variety of online courses for educators.

So, these are the few apps that are trending this year. From language to management, from IT to arts and literature, everything is available on these educational apps. Hence, take your time and check which app excites you the most.

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